cabin in the woods

Get Gone Cover Art

It’s here! Wes Webb has just sent over the cover art for the record, based off of the cabin Sara and I lived in while making this record. We’ll be sending the record off to the presses soon. Kickstarter contributors will get first crack at the record but we’ll have it up for stream and sale soon… Keep checking back for news.


Mastering Complete

It has been a busy couple of months. Sara and I moved back to Nashville; I started a new job; we bought and are remodeling a house; and, of course, we finished mastering the record. The record!


Working with Eric at Independent Mastering was a great experience. They stayed within my budget, but delivered on great quality. We’re working on wrapping up the album art and then will get it pressed and out to you. Keep checking back for updates.

Kickstarter at over 50%! New video featuring Sam Wilson’s guitars…


We’re almost to 50%! Humbled by the support you all have given both in contributions to the record and spreading the word. Please keep sharing with your friends. Our Kickstarter has consistently stayed toward the top of the categories thanks to all the shares. 

Today is our last day of tracking for the record. Abe Wilson, keyboard player for Sons of Bill, will be laying on the finishing touches this afternoon.

During a break in recording, Sam showed off a few of the guitars and amps he used on the record. Keep checking back for more updates as we work our way towards making this record. 

Please keep sharing with your friends! 


Kickstart the Kickoff

This is really happening. Launched the Kickstarter last night and already we have reached 14% funding in less than 24 hours! I am overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. 

That said, we still have a ways to go until September 28. Please share the campaign with your friends, families and coworkers!