James Harris Moore was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the son of a singer/songwriter. Consequently, no matter how hard he tried to avoid country music, it was always playing in the background. These days, he writes and performs music split between the twang of Ryan Adams, the loneliness of Sun Kil Moon and the distortion of Uncle Tupelo. He has recorded under various projects. In 2008, his first band, sawgrass, released an album titled, “The Archipelago” produced by Rogers Mason in Nashville. He has lived and played music in Chicago, Boston and Charlottesville. He currently lives and plays in Nashville, Tennessee. In the summer of 2014, he completed work on a new solo album, Get Gone, produced by Sam Wilson from Sons of Bill.

Some notes on “Get Gone” from James:
Ever since I put out my first album under the name “sawgrass” in 2008, I have been working to play out, write new songs, and collaborate with new people to expand my music. For years I thought of how to bring these new songs to life.
I met Sam Wilson from the band Sons of Bill at a songwriter night in Charlottesville and was immediately drawn to his interpretation of my songs. It was a quick decision for both of us to make this record together. Sam produced and mixed the entire record at his East of the Sun Studios which overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains. I was also excited to work with Brian Caputo on drums and Brian Chenault on bass. Their combined presence made this record much more musically complex. Sam Wilson’s musicianship ties everything together, adding electric guitar, pedal steel, lap steel and more. Wes Webb, a very talented graphic designer created the album art, inspired by the cabin Sara and I lived in our last year in Charlottesville.

Sam Wilson’s production allowed us to play with sound as texture, adding ambience and mood to what would otherwise be an acoustic guitar and a vocal. There are a few rockers on the album as well, which were a lot of fun to work on. Sam turned on his distortion pedals and let loose.

The themes of this record continue the themes of my first record, “The Archipelago,” but the perspective has changed with the passing years. This has been the last year of my twenties and these songs all explore the feelings of growing older and looking for home. Characters in the songs look backwards into memories or forward into an unknown future and hope for something that will steady them or give them direction.

It has been a lot of work and a long time coming. Thanks to all who helped make this a reality.


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