June 29th show at The Country

So excited to join Caitlin and Annie (Marie St James) to play this special show at The Country on June 29th. No cover, no excuses.



Back at it… 2017

At this point, who knows what 2017 will bring. Economic collapse? Nuclear war? Well, one thing I know it will bring are new shows. After 2 years of slumber (ie. renovating a house, raising a small ball of chaos), I’m writing and playing out again. Keep an eye out for demos, show announcements and more.

New Song “Still the Same”

A lot has happened this last year. We left Charlottesville and returned to Nashville. I started a new job as a landscape architect. We bought a house that needed a lot of work. We celebrated the birth of my son, Joseph Walter Moore, on November 12, 2015. And I finally reassembled my studio and began writing again. Music has always ebbed and flowed in my life. The tide was out this last year. Here’s hoping for a change.

I recently finished recording a song written for a friend about welcoming a new life into the world. Here ’tis.